What's Wrong With Chicago?

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    Since Friday five people were killed and at least 25 people were wounded in separate shootings from Rogers Park to West Pullman neighborhoods.

    Why does Chicago lead the nation in shootings? Could it be that "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns?"
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    Chicago is the perfect example of how gun "control" does NOT work.
  3. As long as the shootings remain concentrated in a handful of neighborhoods, it isn't too big of a "problem". :(
  4. We should ask the libtards what the common denominator is in every one of those neighborHOODS.
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    I don't agree with your statement. I'm sure there are decent people living in fear in those neighborhoods that would like the violence stopped.

    One kid killed this weekend was not a gang member but someone planning to play college football under scholarship next year.

    Rahm should mobilize a task force and get those neighborhoods under control. It's his responsibility.
  6. Obama phones?
  7. absolutley, 'cept for one teeny tiny problem, somehow decent people are related too the criminal. Who is someones uncle, cousin, brother, father of one of your kids or your family kids. No one can snitch because you're snithing on family. Hood families are big.
  8. last I read, in nyc, just about 20% of the crime comes out of the projects (public housing). If you read the paper and find a random crime, check how far it is from public housing.
  9. Chicago's crime is concentrated in gang "hot zones". Majority in the south and west sides of Chicago...some of it on the North side, but that's the sort of thing that typically isn't murder or drive by's.

    Libtards don't like it when people mention the race of the offenders, somehow that just doesn't fit the narrative.
  10. I wonder if he could declare localized martial law or arrest everybody in an area, charge each with obstruction of justice and compel them to provide evidence of past crimes committed by others before being released. If the economy worsens, it's a greater likelihood. :( :eek:
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