Whats worse, Full blown civil war, or leaving now in Iraq?

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What's worse leaving now or leaving during a fullblown civil war?

  1. Leaving now

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  2. during a civil war

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  1. Just wondering what do you guys think is the worser of 2 evils. Its almost a certainty iraq will fall into a full blown civil war. LOL more so then now, the kind of thing lebanon was. But times 2. So what is the worst of 2 evils. Leaving iraq during a full blown civil war or leaving it now.
  2. Leaving Iraq now would be leaving during a full blown civil war. And yes, we should leave now. This afternoon would be nice. Whatever comes after we deal with as needed, on whatever scale is required utilizing the FULL force of our military arsenal. Yes, that means what you think it means.
  3. yes captain obvious. Using nukes. Lets see, you blow nukes, in iraq, you iradiate the gulf. Destroying about a third of the worlds oil supply. You also send radioactivity across much of europe and russia. LOL. If russia blew up mexico and sent radiotivity across much of united states. Guess how we will retailiate. LOL its not sensible. Its sort of like saying LAPD should just shoot all the black people.

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    Hey guys, here is a political test. Without looking it up, can you tell me why are there 3 stars on the Iraqi flag?
  5. Represents the Sunnis, Shias and Kurds? :p
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    Nope. Anyone else?
  7. better yet what does a big eye on a pyramid have todo with the united states?

  8. Laugh now, it's coming and it's unavoidable because radical Isalm won't back off, ever, and they'll have nukes too. If you're under the age of 50 you'll live to see it happen. You're right, Russia won't be happy and they won't be on our side, not that they are now. After seeing the real horror of several million dead the world will come to it's senses. By the end of this century the survivors will be living in a very different world....a peaceful one. Significantly less population, but peaceful. Enjoy the laugh, for now.
    As a note, I wouldn't advocate going to war for a barrel of oil. Far as I'm concerned it can go to 500 bucks a barrel tomorrow. Sooner is better, as that will provide the motivation to get off the oil teat.
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    Typical. Everyone knows here politics, but nobody knows history...
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