what's with traderstudio and murray?

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  1. I am only posting about this topic because I am interetsted in purchasing it. SO be fore I get into my comments someone send me a referral so I can get the $100 off.
    Now, I see alot of Murray bashing on ET.
    Is it warranted? I guess if you put yourself out there and your products there are bound to be some of people who dislike it
    and the practice of selling. What is strange is that most other folks who have products
    are bashed nearly as much as murray, why is that? The only thing I can think of is that is that most people think murray is a fake and a hack for pushing traderstudio to the nth degree on the ET board.
    My question is, why would someone with murray's 'experience' and 'success' turn to pushing trading software?

    Don't forget to send me the traderstudio referral so I can get my $100 off!
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    Personally, I think Murray R. is the "real deal". I've learned more from his articles than from most ohters combined. I've also purchased some of his material in the late 90s.

    Whether TraderStudio is worh anything, I have no idea, as I haven't ever used it.
  4. i think he's the real deal as well. i've bashed a number of posters/guru's here i consider posers: nasser, velez, oz, busby etc...etc, etc.

    Murry R might hype his product here but he does real research and brings something new to the table, most others just recycle the same shit that doesn't work over and over and over. :-S
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    Here you go, look down the bottom of this page:


    I'm thinking of buying it too, so please let me know what you think of it. (Unfortunately, it doesn't handle intra-day backtests, which would be my main use).

  6. I think it does. What id doesn't do yet is connect to realtime datafeeds, which i think is your main point.

    I use tradersstudio aswell as other products and it is a pretty good product. Certainly much better thought out than alot of other backtest platforms out there.

    IMO, too many people get hung up over "real-time" this and "real-time" that. I find, generally, that the most profitable and robust strategies for non-industry insiders revolve around end of day trading. Real-time can be used to augment that but I'd argue against someone rejecting an ostensibly eod product because it is not yet "real-time".

    Of ocurse, you'll may well now say that real-time is essential to what you want to do. That was precisely my attitude until i jettisonned my hangups over it and did some more realistic appraisal.

    Thx - D
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    While I was looking for a trading software to purchase and reading some opinions in the forums, I noticed that many members praised TradersStudio software. What so special about it, comparing to other great alternatives? You even cannot have a demo to taste it. I cannot believe that you just jumped on it because you read some docs or believed to somebody's word. You even cannot read their forums to get some insights about the software, if you are just a guest there. Is there something worth to hide? Description on home page is very generic, video tutorials do not add anything for better understanding of the features. So, please, those who bought this software (if you really bought it), what is so special about it?
    Thank you.
  8. Alfobs, I was also frustrated that i was unable to read the forum . That would give some real insight into the software and its support. There are not enough tutorial videos also. Neoticker, Tradingblox and others allow viewing of there forums. It makes me feel like Traderstudio has something to hide.
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    Yes, Hw blows his own trumpet a lot. If he were that good, others would be blowing the trumpet for him. But, I am yet to see anyone but Murray blow his trumpet. You would be better off with wealthlab OR Trading Blox.
    Both products are better than his.
  10. Well said, whether you agree with MR's conclusions or methodology is another matter, but he at least tries to do some real research.

    And I must admit I was impressed with the fact that he maintained a great deal of composure when he was "attacked" in the past for posting hype about his product.

    Most of the other poser-monkey-wanker-guru-charlatans in your list above wouldn't know a backtest if it jumped up at them and bit them on the nads!
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