What's with the word "handle"

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  1. Is this the new cool word? Just because some didlo on Fast Money has started using this ole term doesnt mean its as cool as crack. Reminds me of the daytraders always asking "hey where the spoos at" in the late 90's early 2ks.

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  2. Same with "cars". They like to use the lingo to sound smart.

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  3. I think more traders I know refer to S&P point moves as handles than as points. I've always called them handles, not trying to sound cool... it's just the term for a point in the S&P.
  4. you are a trend follower.
  5. Didn't you mean to say a "momentum player"? :cool:
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    I have always hated trendy speak.

    I remember being pissed off anytime someone in a meating would say expidite or fruition.

    Not that those arent legitimate words but with both it was all of a sudden like they were the "cool" ways to say hurry and complete.

    People need to realize you are either cool or not. Trying to be cool is not cool.
  7. yeah but trying to be cool can be cool sometimes :cool:
  8. There used to be a big S&P contract (bigger than today's big contract), and if I am not mistaken I believe the term handle applied to fractions of a point. Does everyone use handle for full points or some old school traders use it talking about ticks?
  9. Meating?

    Is that a new "trendy" word I never heard before?
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    Yes. Instead of a 'stoning', you now receive a 'meating'. People throw a variety of filets and assorted qualities of ground chuck at you in the town square if you use the word, handle, the wrong way.
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