What's with the new Global Futures drone, Gioachino?!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by late apex, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. I am fully aware that Global Futures is a paid sponsor of ET. Great. More power to them... and good for ET.

    However, does that fact give a blank check to "Gioachino", who is apparently employed by that firm as a "Futures and Forex Broker", to act ever-more irresponsibly each week since joining ET only 40 days ago and keep annoying the hell out of everyone by effectively Spamming every single thread in the "Forex Trading" and "Forex Brokers" forums?

    Lest anyone think that I am exaggerating, please take a very quick look at his post history:


    As you can see, today, Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24th, within the space of 10 (ten) minutes between 1:42 and 1:52 pm ET, Gioachino placed an identical, canned sales pitch in 9 (nine) threads, in the two Currency forums. (Shouldn't he be helping himself to more stuffing somewhere right about now?...) 8 out of those 9 times were completely off-topic. One of them is a thread he started, and I have not the slightest problem with that one.

    If that's not Spam, I don't know what is. Again and again, he is simply treating each and every thread as if it were advertising space for his employer's canned sales message, in almost every case largely irrelevant to the subject at hand.

    Is this sort of abuse / annoying the hell out of everyone what ET sponsorship is supposed to be like?

    Does this create any conceivable good will toward Global Futures, from any trader who would be a prospective client?

    Has he ever bothered to spend a few minutes and see the far more constructive ways in which some other ET sponsors are leveraging their investment and presence here?

    Is he even remotely aware of the most rudimentary principles of marketing and business development, or even the most basic elements of, well, "how to win friends and influence people"? :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Would it be too much to request that Baron or someone else have a nice little "cyber-chat" with that fellow and kindly offer him a helpful reality check, along these lines, as a big favor to him and his employer?


    late apex
  2. Xenia


    ET should provide a feature like "bulk ignore" for those 20 GF sales rep IDs.
  3. Right, Baron, this gauche vendor/introducing broker is a thread-pooper
    - an insult to the thread starters.

    Now that a member has taken the time to air the problem with specifics,
    something has to be done about it - and it is a problem.
  4. The Global Futures company is just a glorified telemarketing concept. Sell the service and do not publish the rates! Now why would anybody trust them to trade Forex with...oh my gawd!

    They can't help it....

    They probably feel that they have a paid sponsorship entitling them to be spam robots...I believe the spammer in question does not even read the threads he spams, as he does not reply.

    Michael B.
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I will take care of this immediately. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Wow, that was a fast and to-the-point reply! Thank you, Baron. I wasn't honestly expecting much when I posted... Don't you ever take a holiday break from this? :)