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  1. When I tried to use QT today, a page came up and said that I would either have to register in order to use the charting package or open an Ameritrade account. Well I filled out the form to register and it rejected my registration and came back with some jibberish saying I had not done it correctly. So I tried again with no luck.

    There was no specific instruction about what was wrong. Just jibberish!

    QT has gotten so much press about closing down that I'm not sure what to do about this situation and I really don't want to open am Ameritrade account and I'm not even sure that this would solve my problem.

    So what would you members do if you were confronted with this situation. I really liked QT and may have to give up trading without it.

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. Get the patch. It will get rid of that problem
  3. Hi Jerry. Thanks for the reply. I saw you mention that before but I don't know how to get it. My search on et (quotracker patch) came back empty.

    Could you help me with this.

  4. thanks Jerry. I'll try it
  5. Well I downloaded the patch and it looked like it took a couple of seconds.
    My quote tracker still isn't working. Would it be easier just to open an ameritrade account?
  6. if it is not working, then that means you did not apply the patch correctly. Please refer to my instructions on how to copy the files posted multiple times in the other thread.

    As to your question camas the short answer is no.

    the long answer is the unpatched version has a number of other problems, like the backfill not working. The patched version fixes that as well as increases intraday chart number of days to 60 for everybody.
  7. Well without more help, it looks like I'm toast. I was reading through one post with over 100 pages on it and I am totally in a fog.

    I use qt for day trading and I don't need back fill.

    Would it be asking too much if you could start a thread explaining exactly how to overcome this problem, in simple terms so that laymen like myself could understand it and resolve the problem.

    Regards and thanks for the reply
  8. * Create a temp folder..
    * Open the zip file.
    * Select all files inside it.
    * Drag them from the zip to the temp folder

    * Start QuoteTracker
    * Select HELP/About QuoteTracker menu
    * Click on the LOCATION link (that will open the Quotetracker install folder)
    * Close QuoteTracker (this is a MUST)

    * Select all files in temp folder
    * Drag them to QT folder
    * Select to overwrite all files when prompted

    now if you restart QT, the version should be 3.9.8a. If it is anything other than 3.9.8a, you do not have it updated.
  9. Thanks for the reply Jerry but I have no idea how to do the first 4 instructions.

    Can't I just open an Ameritrade account and once again begin to use the
    QT as I was using it before without the backfill?

    I was very satisfied with it as it was working before.

    The answer to my question about opening the account is what I need now.

    When I called Ameritrade about it the guy didn't even know what quotetracker was and put me on hold and never came back on line.

    Regards and thank you for all your assistance but its way above my capabilities.

    The answer to the Ameritrade question is what I need.
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