What's with Maria's hair?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Phlub, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Phlub


    I think she tries too hard.
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    Uh, you sayin' if it was 10 o'clock at night and you heard a little tap on your door and it was Maria and she smiled softly and asked if she could come in, that you'd say, "No way babe"?
  3. Only to let her in and jump on a treadmill or if it was hoggin' night...... :D

    She's shaped like a barrel.


  4. She looks a bit like a space alien with a Jersey taxi driver accent. You can do better....
  5. sometimes Maria looks like shes been on crack- ya know when she comes in with the droopy eyes, no makeup- yowza!!!!

    actually, whats up with Donald Trump's hair????
  6. Exactly...I thought the same thing. She often has big dark circles under her eyes. That along with her natural bug-eyed look is pretty scary. When she opens her mouth it's all over for me.

    Fox News on the other hand has some babes....Patty Ann Brown, Jane Skinner, Kirsten ?, are all outstanding!
  7. BSAM


    Patty Ann Brown......oneway, remind me to never party with you. You keep PlainJane Patty.....give me Laurie Dhue!!:cool:
  8. this is my fav newsbabe..

  9. lol....Patty Ann Brown is a little conservative looking. Not made up like a stripper, more like one you could bring home for Mom to meet. She reminds me of my 7th grade English teacher, the one I kept looking up her dress. But she is VERY attractive, unlike Maria B. who looks hammered and talks like a long shore worker.

    I did also mention Jane Skinner and Kirin Chetry (thanks Gecko for her name). Both are great looking too, and a bit more hip.
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    I was just thinking that earlier today. Good of you to post it.

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