whats with all the spammers here

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    looking for a better deal let me know your current monthly volume and current deal

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    hey you do more volume then i you could definitely get the same rate i have .002

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    Hello I am a manager for echotrade. Would you be interested in switching firms? our platform is one of the best in the industry with very reliable quotes and unsurpassed support. Do you have a series 7? We can even lower your current rate at assent if possible. Please let me know. One demo is all it takes, I am confident. Thanks.
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    Yeah, and there was one that kept working over the classified forum the last few days. Got kicked off and turned around and came right back with almost the same identical name. Selling copyrighted materials.

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    There is an abundance of attempted spam here and we're doing our best to promptly tend to it as soon as we're made aware. To address the two you mentioned, manuptrader was banned about a week ago, and EchoTrade is a sponsor at ET (and, therefore, permitted to advertise). Hope that helps.
  4. Since the above overly aggressive quote from an echotrade office co-manager
    can no longer be found, I'll ask the follow-up question that begs to be answered:

    Could/did competitor echotrade actually reduce the assent trader's execution fee rate?

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    This is nothing unusual. Popular sites get spammed all the time, and our site is no exception. Like other sites, we delete the spam and ban the offender as it occurs.
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    Actually if the spammers are targeting ET then it must mean they see the same value in visiting ET as I do. I love visiting ET daily. Ok multiple times a day, but I will only admit to daily. :D