What's with all the females lately?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. This is definately a great thing for ET, but I'm a little confused. Over the past several weeks, we have seen a massive influx of women contributing to Elite Trader.

    They are cool, non-egotistical and apparently profitable -- that is a sharp contrast compared to the many people (Optional777, et al.) that run their mouths all day and start stupid threads about other users.

    I am glad to see the new female faces.

    Perhaps some of you new female traders will post a short biography about who you are, what got you into trading, where you live, how you found out about ET, etc.

    I would like to hear the women speak up about trading. Why do you trade and what brought you to ET. Also, as a woman, do you feel like you are hanging out in the boys locker room by some of the talk on this site?

    :D Thank you for joining ET. You gals are an excellent addition to an otherwise dysfunctional collection of male traders.
  2. hmmm, i haven't noticed, what are their handles?
  3. Two of my three daughters trade for us and one of my traders girlfriends just started.

    They follow directions, but they hate to lose ...
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    IMHO, hating to lose is okay as long as you stay profitable while doing it.


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    you're back! You had some people (one of your other handle's) looking for you. Glad to see doing yourself right.
  6. sadly, i'd bet most of these people claiming to be girls are guys. especially the ones with blatant female names, like katrina johns.
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    Aphie, you were curious about the women in this forum.

    I am 48, married, and live on a boat in the Florida Keys.
    We cruise all over and needed a way to make a living that did not depend on a specific place of business.
    I have done electrolysis for 25 years and am currently in the process of closing that business here.
    My husband got a settlement on a malpractice suit and that was my nest egg for trading.
    I started with mutual funds and lost a bundle and now I do very well daytrading and make us a nice living.

    A lot of my friends in the marina also daytrade. So women traders are not that unusual. I guess you live in a cave up in a mountain somewhere?
    The only weird thing is the fixation on penises that the threads here have. I would guess most of the posters are teenagers....:)
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    Oh jeez. Finger down throat making gagging noises.
    "Speak up......As a woman..........Thank you for. joining......."
    This sounds like the Oprah Winfrey show or Philberta Donahue.
    Straighten up man! Get a grip.
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    Oh, the reason I am at Elite Trader is someone invited me to join. I was languishing on a quiet Yahoo board.
  10. you live on a boat?! how do you connect to the internet to do your trades?
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