What's with all the ask size showing on the Euro futures???

Discussion in 'Forex' started by JangoFolly, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. >20K contracts...
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    its staying too!

    too big for a spoof!

    but i try not to have opinions.

    old on to yer hat - shes gunna BLOW LIKE MONICA!!!!!!

  3. That's some weird s**t...
  4. Why would anyone show that much size, if not to spoof?
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    Sorry everyone I pressed the wrong button.
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    It was offered about 30,000 plus off the market, below 1.1900, then all of a sudden that was pulled, went bid size from there to 1.1925 or so, traded an 1800 lot and 600 lot, few other big ones, then they started running it up to new highs of day at 1.1966. All of the CBOT bond guys were watching this on the screen for the last 10 minutes of our day and was pretty cool.
  7. what happened to the Euro futures contract Friday morning 10:30-12 noon?

    I've never seen such enormous quantities bid/offered and such enormous price volatility.

    Did somebody lose their mind, or just their shirt?
  8. Some bank or buy-side trader taking advantage of a thin, holiday market.
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    we could see more of this to come.

    seems like some wise guy has figured out how/got the money to dick with the order flow to create some oomph. fine with me.

    if you genuinely wanted to get that sort of size done, i thought you would be calling citigroup or sachs to put it through some efficient execution algorithm or something.

    the real odd thing is the time of day - after 11 cst when these markets tend to get real thin - especially before a long weekend.
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    19,000 contracts is E2.375 bn in cash.

    I can't remember such volatile behaviour in past.
    May be we will see the reason next week....may be not

    Have a nice thoughtful weekends! :)
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