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    Hi guys,
    I'm a big fan of Algo trading, and I really think that is the future of trading.
    Right now, I'm trying to get into a trainee program from a prop trading firm.
    I talked to two of their traders, and told them about why i want to be a trader. They were not satisfied with my answer, and they think it's too "textbook".

    FYI, the answer i gave, is below:
    I love trading because
    1)I'm good with numbers,
    2)I love the challenge and excitement from trading floor. (I also mentioned about my disciplinary personality as a good fit)
    3)I'm an entreprenuer who has strong desire to achieve, and the ability to catch opportunity to make money from the market. (i cofounded 3 companies during my uni time)

    If you are a trader, when you are interviewing a fresh guy as your trainee, what kind of answer are you expecting to hear from that guy?
    Or, in another word, what's your answer on "why do you want to become a trader?"

    Really appreciate!
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    Before you left you may have wanted to ask them what they were looking for in a candidate. Your answers seem a quite broad, (good at numbers?) But those aren't the only factors to focus on during an interview. How is your interpersonal communication? How do you present yourself? What do you have to offer them? If you want to algo trade, why not do it yourself? Why do you want to go prop with your IP? These are things you need to have answers for in an interview.
  3. I agree that your answers are too textbook.

    I would like to hear things like,
    I like to win, I hate to lose, I like to prove people wrong when they say it can't be done.

    If the firm is young and you sense the culture is one of excess, I would use humor and reference from Boiler Room and say something like,
    I'm here to make a million bucks and I'm not here to save the fucking manatees!
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    yes too txt book, most good traders are "out there".

    ide say I want to be rich and corp jobs suck.
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    also ask who you yell RECO too
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    Thanks for your suggestions!
    I want to join prop firm is becos I dont have enough capital to do it myself, plus I need to learn from prof first.

    Yes, i know my answer is quite broad. so I'm trying to figure out what are the "things" a trader is looking for from a candidate.

    Some ppl say, they want to do trading is becos they like women; some ppl say, they want to do trading is becos they like money.... (in fact, they are the same, hehe)

    I have to admit that money is one of the most important reasons of why ppl want to do trading. But, do you think it's wise to tell a trader that you are hungry for money during the interview?
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    wow... good one! This is really what I want to hear. Thanks bro!
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    Hi jtnet. I do want to be rich and dislike corp jobs. But do u think it's good to tell them directly?

    That was my first time got interviewed by traders. I felt that I didn't speak in trader's language/style. So, I'm trying to find out how to put myself in their shoes, and communicate better.
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    Keep in mind how many people walk through the door and say exactly what you said. Barely a day goes by where someone (usually a young guy who thinks he knows everything) walks through the door with those type of answers. We remember the one's who actually can talk some small specifics about the markets and with passion.
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