Whats up with TRADE THE NEWS??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bullet, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Trade the News is a fucking joke.

    Their only job is to READ THE NEWS, yet it seems that task is just too damn difficult for them.

    They very often completely ignore individual stock news, and if they read it out it usually begins with "Treat this as an update"....

    An update??? How about reading it WHEN IT COMES OUT and then we wouldn't need to treat it as an update.

    They suck.
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  2. Bullet


    Longhorns: Do you use NTKN or another news service....of do you simply find them all worthless??
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  3. I have 4 other news services.

    Some of the guys I trade with have tried NTKN and Newstrike (both have mixed reviews).

    You're better off spending money on a news service you can read yourself instead of waiting for some mook to decide if he wants to read it to you.
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  4. Bullet


    Ok, so I have chatted with the Trade the news customer (lack of) service and sales reps and can say without a shadow of a doubt that I would NEVER EVER recommend dealing with these folks!

    The news is read in the same manner that cheaper services perform....and the emails they offer can easily be obtained from Yahoo Finance.

    Speaking with their representatives is infuriating and will accomplish very little. You will never get a word in edge wise and your questions will not only go unanswered but will also be ignored.

    Consider yourself warned!!

    P.S. If this is how they treat potential customers......how bad is it once they have actually signed you up?? Count me out!!!
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  5. Be careful with the billing. I gave the sales rep (Carolyn?) a verbal to cancel my service at the end of month. Turned it off and never used again. They continued to bill my credit card and said contract stated i needed to fax cancellation. Fought with them for 2 months and got nowhere. Dispute with amex went nowhere. My bad for not reading the contract closely but I specifically told the rep to cancel and she never mentioned the fax.
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