Whats up with TRADE THE NEWS??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bullet, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Bullet


    Ok, I know there have been past discussions on Trade the News.....but I have one simple question.

    What the hell does the damn service cost everyone (regarding the equity audio channel) ??? I get the distinct impression that pricing may be adjusted based on your negotiation skills (this could be fun).
    They simply refuse to disclose pricing prior to a free trial, but after having talked to a few traders, it seems they may indeed alter their pricing.......

    So how about some thoughts, impressions, experiences, or otherwise helpful/interesting information.


  2. e-miNY


    My quote a year ago was 300/month for the news, S&P pit, and nasdaq pit
  3. Bullet


    The last price I heard was $250 for the equity audio.....just trying to find out if this is comparable to other traders out their. I still use NTKN
  4. e-miNY


    Hey, u cant really blame them for doing it. They understand markets. Why charge u $100 when u are willing to pay $300? It's like trading. U wouldnt sell your stock for 10 bucks when u are sure the guy next to you is willing to pay 15 for it.
  5. damn im gettin ripped off
  6. Bullet


    Nope, free market.....I dont blame them in the least, but it would be stupid not to know the game and try to play it better.....dont ya think??
  7. They should rename themselves "Fade our news."
  8. I've been charged from 150 to 175 to 200 a month...just depends on what you negotiate with them...they're also a big slow on their billing, so they might bill you a few times and take months before you get your money back.

    What does everyone think of their service? Worth the money? Any good?

  9. Bullet


    From using ntkn (I have not used Trade The news in several years) I thought their service(ntkn) was slow and often rather pointless. Having someone tell me a index or commodity is hitting highs/lows is not very worthwhile.

    I too was hoping to hear from folks who had used both services, though I am still curious as to what other folks are paying for Trade The News....it seems rather obvious that they are not very consistent with their pricing.
  10. I got it free when I traded prop and never got rid of it. It's free and the account is associated with a prop firm.

    I'll sell it for a one-time fee of $1,000, refundable if it's cancelled within three months. I quit daytrading last year and it's still working like a charm. I just never use it anymore.
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