Whats up with the Kospi

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dont, Nov 12, 2008.

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    No trading? Exchange website has yesterdays prices?
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    Seems they start trading at 10am instead of 9am. Nice They tell everyone via a popup on the website, and yes I had popups disabled.
  3. Can't that be characterized as a partial close of the market? Trimming the first hour?
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    Nah they closed an hour later. Typical shenanigans at the close though.

    Index is at 140 as the options close trading but the official print for the close out is 142.7. I always get smacked around by that really really pisses me off.

    Basically the Kospi200 never traded anywhere near 142.7 the whole day but gee for the options close out lets use 142.7!!!
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    Yes, that just passed and they are available via IB.

    FYI, the late start for the KOSPI last month was due to school exams. They push back the open to alleviate traffic.
  6. When will the KOSPI options begin trading?
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    They are cash settled index options so I do not think they will get approval for US residents However, Kospi options during US hours are in the works to trade on the CME.
  8. def,

    Wanted to try K200 on the paper account to get a feel for it, but it looks like it still has the restriction, are you guys working on this?
  9. def,

    My bad, didn't think about going and adding it to my trading config first.
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