What's up with the ER2 lately?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by brownsfan019, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Trying to trade the ER2 intraday lately has been interesting to say the least... very eratic moves, while the other mini's are not moving like this. I know, the ER2 is more volatile, but lately it's been untradable in my opinion.

    Been trading the Euro FX contract a lot more now! (EC on TradeStation).
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    ER2: business like usual
  3. nononsense - I wouldn't say it has been 'business like usual' on the ER2. If you trade it intraday, you would understand how it has been lately versus months ago.
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    Perhaps a top with the changing conditions?
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    i stopped trading er2 about 6 months ago - when all the pikers started trading it.

    now ive done what i thought id never do when i started trading index futures - im trading es.

    its a different animal of course, but when she rolls out of bed, you get the warning well in advance. fat birds tends to have inertia that keeps em going too. far less risky, and all the pikers wouldnt stop that hoe from snoring if they tried!

    ES = Easy Street!

  6. whats down with er2 today?