What's Up With the Elizabeth Smart Case?

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  1. They find her walking around the public streets with two people wearing a wig. Then I just hear on the news that she tried to convince the police that she wasn't Elizabeth Smart when they found her. What the hell??? It sounds like she didn't want to escape, like she didn't want to go back home.

    All of the news stations are assuming they brainwashed the girl. The whole thing sounds fishy to me.
  2. Honestly, I think she felt that her life with the vagrants was no worse than her life with her family.

    But I'm not one to judge, and shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet.
  3. Well she certainly wasn't rescued by "an act of God" or "the power of prayer." These quotes are already all over the news.

    The facts are that it was just a low probability occurrence. Let's say it's a 1% chance that a kidnapped girl is rescued alive after missing for 9 months. If the statistics are 1%, it doesn't mean that it will never happen; it just won't happen often. When it does, it seems amazing and people make up supernatural reasons why it did. It was just a low probability result, nothing more.
  4. I think there is more to this case as well.... we will see.

    And about the "miracle" and "act of God" that she was returned, where was "God" when she was kidnapped? Why didn't he intervene then? Why would he stage a kidnapping just to have her released? Did he only get notified of the kidnapping after it happened via their prayers? Or did he change his mind when he saw how they really wanted her back?
  5. Right on, man. You know what's up..
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    Good point richtrader. Kinda reminds me of all the athletes who give thanks to God for their success, yet I have a hard time remembering a single one who credited God with their failure?! In a lighter vein, it reminds me of the old saying that behind every successful man is a woman. Of course, and in much greater numbers, behind every unsuccessful man etc. etc.
  7. Remember Patricia Hearst?

    Elizabeth is a smart young teenager...not some naive 5year that was lured away with a lollipop.

    Makes you wonder.

  8. Yes, yes! I love debunking all this mumbo jumbo nonsense that people believe! :cool:
  9. Stockholm syndrome is for-real scary people. The vast majority of people are vulnerable to the effect - more so 15-year olds. Do some quick research on the subject Corso - you might learn something.

    Glad she's back ...
  10. It is pretty amazing. Although I haven't been in her shoes, it is striking that she was able to be changed so much in only 9 months. Sure, 9 months is a long time to be kidnapped, but I think 9 months is a pretty short time to be changed so much that you don't even make attempts to escape. Not that we know all the facts yet, but come on, it's been reported that she didn't even use her real name when talking to people. Maybe if she was like 5 it wouldn't be as shocking, but this girl is like 14 or 15.

    Now you religious people can see what happened to you. This girl was brainwashed in 9 months by 2 people. Just imagine what the pressure of an entire family can do while sending you to church every week for YEARS (starting at birth, none-the-less!). :-/
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