What's up with silver?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Keene, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Keene


    Why is it that the cbot full sized electronic silver contract trades with huge spread and no liquidity on the bid or offer. It often trades the kind of volume that has 1- tick spreads and 10+ contract size in other markets like natural gas which has traded half the volume of silver today yet has a 1 tick spread with good liquidity.

    Anybody know why that is?
  2. so many other ways to play silver - slv, yi, zi. there is an asian etf now. many highly correlated silver stocks too...slw, sil etc...mbe less activity on the big contract?
  3. ids


    I believe, you are looking at November future. The most active month is December. BTW, December was always more active. It leads the market since end of August.
  4. After December the most liquid month is March.

    The bid spread on that has also been ridiculous.

    I've been looking to rollover my dec silver into march, by finding a dip to buy march while waiting for a rise to sell dec, but it hasn't come.

    This rollover feels more tricky to accomplish because of the holiday.
  5. Keene


    nice and easy trading stocks compared to the contract sucks. I had pass at the at the beginning of 04 when silver went up strong and stocks are not the best way to play.

    IDS I am looking at the most liquid contract DEC 06, That's why I can't understand with that much volume why there are those crazy spreads.
  6. ids


    What is so crazy? Right now, ZI spread is 13.139 13.142. YI is 13.138 13.143.
  7. Keene


    Ids have you seen silver in a dom window? Considering the contract volume the spreads and liquidity are awful. Was just wondering if someone knew why.