What's Up With Iraq??

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  1. At least 53 dead in latest Iraq bombing

    Seems everyday there's just senseless and pointless slaughters.

    Groups of civilians are simply targeted and killed.

    Any idea what's going on there now?

    What's the "message" this time?

  2. religious hatred.
  3. Ricter


    We came, we broke it, we'll leave.

    Anyway, it's Shiites vs. Sunnis isn't it?
  4. Ricter, even if it is, what's the point of simply slaughtering innocent people?

    Is that going to get either religious side anywhere?

    Is this now a battle of attrition? Last living person is "right"?
  5. Ricter


    There is no point, it's hate.
  6. Hm...

    So, you're saying that all these recent civilian deaths are directly rooted in HATE?

    What exactly is the movitivating factor in HATE that results in murder, slaughter, bloodshed and killing?

    How do the two relate - mankind wise?
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    It’s insignificant. Just ignore it. If the Associated Press reported each and every murder happening in Louisiana on a daily basis, like they do in Iraq, you would have some perspective here.
  8. Why, are there a lot of ******-haters in Louisiana?

  9. Iraq is in flux. Iran and Saudi Arabia both want to obtain primacy over the country. Iran supports the majority Shiites who under Saddam were oppressed by the minority Sunni's who are now supported by Saudi Arabia. Anyway our President had the wonderful idea to topple the government and create a democracy despite the fact that we would essentially be handing the country over to a majority associated with our sworn enemy Iran. Well the shiites were smart and were laying low leaving our forces to fight the Sunni's who are really supported by our "friend" Saudi Arabia. Well the Saudi's didn't like the way this was working so they had their golden boy Osama Bin Laden tell the Sunni's in Iraq to start attacking the Shiites so that they didnt get a free ride. So the violence exploded as Sunni and Shiite started killing each other. Days after the Sunni's started targeting Shiites in Iraq, Irans Shiite A-Team Hezbollah attacked Israel in order to send the message to the US and Saudi Arabia that they can make life difficult for them without a direct intervention into Iraq. And the message needs to be to all the innocents in Tehran "DUCK"!
  10. Perhaps, because of this...

    Church Attendance Rank: #1 Louisiana

    Murder Rate: twice the U.S. average

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