what's up with innerworth?

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    Has anyone else noticed that Innerworth.com seems to not be active anymore? Their hasn't been a new interview in quite a while, the trade doctor must be playing golf and my trade diary was completely wiped out which was the main reason I subscribed. That was very disappointing. I have sent 3 emails with no response. Does anyone have suggestions or a similar story?
  2. I have been trying to contact them for about 2 weeks now, no response yet.

    I never receive the daily e-mails. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Yes, same problem here gotta_trade. I haven't received a daily email since 5/19.
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    They are always sporadic on their emails. They come for a while then stop for a while.
    And maybe they are on vacation? It seems like it is a very small website, but quite good in my opinion.
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    they still around?
  6. I am a member as well, and the emails which used to come once a day, now come sporadically and perhaps only once every two weeks or so.

    My understanding, and I may be incorrect, but Innerworth basically flopped and they turned their site, which used to be a month-to-month subscription site, into a one-time fee site.

    Unfortunately, they don't really have any staff anymore...or so it seems.
  7. Has anyone heard anything from Innerworth.com?

    I just called them and it said that their voice mail is disconnected.
    I just can't get any response from them.

    Has anyone received any of their daily e-mails lately?
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    I have not gotten a daily email in a week. But that has happened several times before.
  9. MarketWise announced on their website that they have acquired Innerworth. Perhaps it will take some time to get the two companies merged.
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    MarketWise Trading School Acquires Innerworth.com and
    Expands Trading/Investing Psychology Coaching Worldwide

    DENVER, June 2, 2003 - Founder and CEO of MarketWise Trading School, L.L.C., David S. Nassar, announced today the acquisition of the Innerworth: Mind Over Markets Web site (www.innerworth.com). Innerworth is the leading web-based source of trader and investor market psychology, education and coaching. Its goal is to help traders of all levels develop and maintain the mental edge needed to become great traders. The site has an extensive array of advanced trading tools and specialized content, all developed by world-class traders, psychologists, writers and software developers, using the latest in technology and research.

    "Innerworth's adherence to the foundational aspects of trading psychology is as important to traders as sports psychology is to athletes. We share the same philosophical and practical views of market analysis, which makes this acquisition a perfect fit for MarketWise. MarketWise is the industry leader in market education, while Innerworth is a leader in trader psychology. Combining the two provides traders the continuing education needed to master the fine art of trading stocks, options and futures. Given the market climate, such as the recent SEC mandate to several traditional firms to allocate $80 million to investor education as the result of analyst scandals, et cetera, it is clear that the industry wants to develop an educated investor. This has been our charter for over seven years as a worldwide provider of market research and education," states Nassar.

    Chris Doubek, president of Terra Nova Trading, L.L.C., a leading brokerage firm in the industry who exclusively utilizes MarketWise for education of the firm's customers states, "MarketWise has continued to push the envelope of market education for our customers. The results of our relationship with MarketWise have been simply incredible. This new addition of trader and investor psychology coaching through the Innerworth acquisition adds yet another layer of depth to the school. We are very excited."

    More PR at: http://www.marketwise.com/MW_main/PR_Innerworth.asp
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