Whats up with GROW?

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  1. GROW is scheduled for a dividend pay and 2:1 split on Jan. 22, but it seems like it has been experiencing alot of selling lately. It seems to be just going down. Also, Cramer bad mouthed it on tuesday in the lightening round. Any ideas how it might play out in the next couple of weeks?
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    it will either go up, down, or sideways.
  3. excellent insight. :D
  4. Even with the near term 30% sell off from recent highs, this stock is still up 450% from the 52 week low.
  5. Read the name out loud, U.S. Global Investors. I think the answer is now obvious.
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    Can anyone point me in the direction to info regarding the ex-div date and if the stock split has been approved?

    I have tried yahoo finance and was unable to locate.

  7. This was a top ten and #1 on the IBD 100 list starting, IIRC, when it was in the 30's. At a minimum, there is profit taking that started when it hit the 70's. Currently 23% off its high, it sits at #2; the list comes out every Saturday-for-Monday issue.
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    GROW is heavily tied to the price of oil.
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    been watching GROW for months now.. the reversal in Dec. 29 is confirmed and looks like they are on for a long pause...
  10. cramer and his friends have an agenda. We posted this stock a while back; it was on the SHO list for a long time, and recently got off the list. That probably was the spike you saw a bit ago. When the stock left the list it retreated, but I have found with these type stocks there is continued volatility that could be attributed to "x clearing". I dunno what that is, but I wan it. kidding.

    All it would take is one Prime Broker with a ton of fails in the system calling in one hedgie. That's it. All you can do is accept the volatility or walk away. Because even though regulators turn a blind eye to this behavior, if the stock performs it leaves big holes in the spreadsheets, and it has to be handled.
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