Whats up with GE today?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Huge upshot but the only thing announced was a 130-135 million dollar deal. not exactly a big deal.

    close to 100Million volume traded today with a 6.27% run up.

    Short squeeze?
  2. jnorty


    since when do you need a reason to gun stocks? ge and many of the financials were dead and sideways so the wall street boys knew they ahd to do something to get the chasers back into the mkt so they gunned these. its like having a lb of herion in front of a junkie
  3. GE is getting competition in every area. Since the China market directly competes with them on a technology end they have to bring quality back which hurts their bottom line. GE financial is hurting with their fund the alternative items approach.

    That laser vision surgery and breast implant is being enjoyed and if they want to get it back let them try... believe it or not thats the kind of stuff they fund.
  4. JPM upgraded GE around 1:10pm.

    Surprise, surprise... rip a dollar and hear about an upgrade.
  5. How profound...and true.
    You're the smartest guy in the room now.
    Very impressive.
    How many other US companies are facing this same reality ? (their quality sucks and needs to improve)
  6. I would not be surprised if GE ends up between upper 15s under 16

    like 15.80 etc.. 15.95 on expiration would be a hoot though.

    To cause max pain for those long 16 calls and
    long 15 puts and to give heartburn to the long 16 calls with puts only like 20 or less cents ITM :)

    so that those even short the 16 puts can make profits by selling the underlying when assigned :)
    You can kill three birds with one stone.

    And they always pull out the upgrades or downgrades and shit about 10-11 days before expiration.