whats up with ER2?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Ripley, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Wow.. what a freaking fall...
  2. Clerical error I'll bet. Here come the busted trades . . .
  3. Amazing.. Right back up.... must be a bad order
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    and a comeback ...


    wow - that would suck very bad, especially since it was already starting to break anyway.
  5. And everything is free falling... it wasn't a bad order.. it was something else...
  6. I was already short. Fired off a buy @ market at huge profit value and couldn't get filled. I saw volume on the ask at a decent spread. First time I've had a position on in such a spike so forgive my inexperience with these things. WTF?
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    so, this only happened in the ER2? i see that the ES is breaking too, but nothing like this ...
  8. this market is sick
  9. Something was wrong with ER2. It went down with a volume of about 1200 and then back up with almost same volume to couple of points of below the previous "normal" level.
  10. doesn't er2 trade w/ the regular Russell 2K futures i.e., arbs?

    I don't have the mkt data for that...
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