what's up with e-minis

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    Quick questions:

    1. where is the cheapest place to trade these
    2. what are the commissions for a roundtrip
    3. what are the margin requirements (cash req) to open an active account

    Any answers appreciated
  2. Cheapest I have found is IB brokers.

    The cost is $4.80 round trip.

    You may want to either look around for other brokers or open up a seperate account in case IB goes down. If you are trading and IB goes down, you will not be able to get a hold of anyone fast enough for futures trading. The only way around this is to open up a seperate account elsewhere and, in those rare emergency cases, open a position opposite of your IB position and "lock the market." This won't always work if the market moves hard against you, but it is the only method I know to freeze serious losses from occuring.

    Oh, and you are looking at a minimum of $2,500 to trade one contract and another few thousand for cushion. I am in your shoes since I will be trading ES very shortly and starting a journal.

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    I'm new at trading, and am wondering what e-minis are and how they work.

    Is there a place to read up on them?

  4. FFastTrade is $3.32 a round turn. You also have a monthly fee of $550, but it is quickly amortized over the month if you trade multiple lots with multiple turns. Blows away IB.

  5. Most places it is less than $2,000 for margin. Different requirements for minimum maintenance account balance.
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    e-mini are becoming popular
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    not sure about it
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    Thanks for the intro info on e-minis... which brokers offer e-minis?

    Do all online brokers allow you to trade them? And which ones are better.
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