what's up with chicks ??

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  1. you are a nerd in high school and all the hot chicks ignore you and go out with stupid jocks and muscle heads. they sometimes marry these boneheads and end up like the hottest chick in my high school-- a waitress in a hick town at age 35.

    you are a nerd in your 30's with nice cars and a big house and all the hot chicks dig you. that is the one's who are left over after the jar heads captured or emotionally messed up most of them earlier.

    what is up with this ??


  2. i am the jock and muscle head..

    so i cant help you

    except to say..

    i got laid..

    a lot

    i ruled the freakin high school..

    nothin has changed much..

    as i can tell..


  3. yeah, that figures. you are still stalking us nerds.

    LOL :D :D :D
  4. JT47319


    Its like trading, they go long on strength and short weakness.
  5. girls like bad boys.

    its so basic it should be a law of nature

    (hell, it is)


  6. yes. but most of the time its a head fake. you think they ( as a species) would have learned by now.

  7. Treat them as they deserve to be treated, like the gold digging whores that they are.

    You will have more fun that way.:D
  8. A reader from Ft. Worth, Texas United States

    "All my life I was a nice guy. I was raised in a traditional family household. I grew up believing that people were to be treated as you would like them to treat you. In a perfect world this would be great, but clearly it's not a perfect world.

    I think most women generally like to be treated like shit. It gives them some form of drama that they can attempt to solve while living through life.
    What appalls me even more are women's reactions to these types of books. I never realized it until after reading this book but most magazines women read have many articles on how to manipulate "their man." I also think women write books dealing with these forms of topics in much greater volume than do our gender as well."
  9. Bottom line:


    Few women have it. Our society objectifies women.

    It is shocking really, when you find out how insecure women really are on the whole, especially women who appear beautiful on the surface and never developed any inner qualities or sense of self sufficiency. They know their whole schtik is an act.

    If deep down you feel like shit, you seek out people who treat you like shit to perpetuate the deeply rooted psychological pattern and belief many women have that they are nothing more than the property of men. Chattle esteem. Economically, mentally, and emotionally dependent on the strength of a man is often the core belief of "hot chicks."

    If a woman believes they are not good enough, not pretty enough, not lovable enough, not smart enough they will never respect any man who treats them with love, respect, and admiration.
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