What's up with Brinker?

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  1. Brinker's been red hot. Someone please give a quick glimpse on his recent tone about the market. I'd like to listen to him.
  2. is there still a way to listen to the Money show online?
  3. Hi Everyone:
    I am located near Santa Barbara, where the local channel KEYT 1250 has changed format. Does anyone know what the alternatives are for this area? Regards, Steve46
  4. http://www.bobbrinker.com/radio.asp

    As a side note:
    When your friends / relatives ask you for market advice, Brinker is a good place to send them. He's relatively simplistic in his explanations and maintains an "investor" macro viewpoint. Gets them out of your hair and provides what they probably need. :D
  5. Funny I used to listen to the show in my car on Shoreline Park or Leadbetter Beach in SB.
  6. Since the KEYT owner Bob Smith died, his radio station has gone over to ethnic music (no more Bob Brinker).
  7. I agree with Smitty. I send everyone looking for investment advice to Bob with the caveat to avoid his "trades" or specific stock recommendations. That QQQ trade showed he's only adept at longer term portfolio allocation and has no business "trading".

    It's really fascinating to watch how many people don't have the discipline to read a newsletter once a month and act on his rare changes. There were a fair number of people I know who did not buy on his recommendation last March because of fear. Then there's the other group that sold out in the fall with no recommendation from Bob. They just can't do exactly as Bob recommends. Human emotions in a nutshell.
  8. I have been following service for years...I find his newsletter rather helpful for the non-speculative part of my retirement portfolio....

    Michael B.
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