whats up with BATS? and stuck quotes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Steelhead, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. you suck ass lately with your stuck quotes, screwing up hotkeys
  2. Do you trade on Sterling?
  3. I use Sterling and have seen stuck quotes on nasdaq lately....is it BATS?

    I don't use Level 2 ..so I havn't noticed what ECN it is. Doesn't really effect me too much ...but have noticed it.
  4. As much as sterling blows nuts and is spiraling into the shitter, Bats actually seems improved to me (no issues). Lately its been NSDQ and nyse crossing arca.
  5. I have no loyalty to Sterling what so ever but I'm curious as to why it ''blows nuts"?

    I'm not a scalper...and I think a lot of people say it's not good for that...is that what you mean?
  6. I use anvil, and its almost comical how bats is stuck whenever something turns............bats sucks as far as Im concerned
    I dont use it as a route and friggin pisses me off that I have to mkt to nys and refresh my quotes because of those cocksuckers SEVERAL times a day.
  7. promagma


    I use BATS exclusively. No problems here ....
  8. I started using Sterling in Feb of 2007 after dealing with the brutality that was Hydratrade quotes, and to my extreme delight Sterling was quick, clean, and functional. Since that time Sterling has added seemingly thousands of users and I think the quote speed has slowed considerably, while improvements have been very limited. Being that Sterling is a quality company that has no shortage of revenue or brains, I do expect them to 'pull up their socks'. A recent list of quality technical and structural changes should help the problems, but in the mean time I tend to bitch a lot about slow accept times on orders, half to 1 second quote freezes, and slow nsdq and nyse quotes.
  9. I haven't been seeing any stuck BATS quotes at all. I trade on Laser. Though I do see stuck quotes on Sterling from time to time.

    To the guy who said the stuck quotes were messing up his hot keys. A solution to this problem (if you absolutely have to get out) is to take a routed key like ARCA and cross the market 5 cents or so. That will execute with who ever is there at the best price first and get you filled.