Whats up stock market bulls??????

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Not going to defend your support levels. Hey I don't blame you for pussing out. Looks like everyone is down on wall street.

    Wonder what Larry Kudlow will have to say tonight.

    Goldelocks got run over on the way to grannys house.

  2. IF you went out and set fire to your own house where will you spend your night?

    IF you take your own stock charts and pummel the crap out of those where is your next penny scalping is going to come from? Think of it, this Golden Goose should be slayed mercilessly or not?

    Anger ? Hopelessness? Frustration about gas prices? Bitching about every other injustice in life?

    Thats you, right there, under that sweaty smelly collar..
  3. Lucrum


    "Whats up stock market bulls??????"

    Not the market indexes that's for sure.
  4. That was very very cruel post. Us bulls are really suffering right now and you have to kick us while we are down.

    You are so heartless :(

  5. Ansare


    What I do not understand is someone "being" a bull or bear. Yes, I can understand having a bias--but even that's not a good idea.

    why become a bull or bear and totally give up one side of the trade? It's like a golfer hitting only a power fade off the tee--and suffereing every time he gets to a dogleg left. Sure, maybe he can negotiate his way around it and not get terribly hurt, but why not just learn to hit a draw and play both sides?

    Outside of the pain it brings society in general, I don't care if the market craps the bed daily.

  6. Great quote, oh and "What's up stock market bulls??????