What's this traders name?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Warmagus, Apr 21, 2008.

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    There's a trader who came on to elite trader about a year and a half ago that talked about the way he scalps the forex. This guy is a pro, and is known in the trading community. I remember he said he uses massive amounts of capital and gets in and gets out for like a pip or two at a time, and if the trade goes against him he immediately gets back out and waits for the next trade. Can someone please tell me his name?

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  3. Perhaps that's an omen :)
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    His name is Bill Shepard,
    and it was not FX he was trading - it was the Russell.

    He has "disappeared".....and no one....
    and I mean no one ....that I know of ......
    knows what happened to this guy !

    He was working with Ray Deux of Ninja trader.....
    and with the Mirus Futures bunch......

    I saw them all in San Diego last year......
    I recently talked with all of them, and
    none of them knows what happened to him.


    If anyone knows where to get hold of that indicator of his...
    ( called the..."Triple Wave" ).....please let me know,
    ......it's the best indicator I've ever seen...... bar none.