What's this rumor that the Fed will buy $1 trillion in US bonds before midterm elec.

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  1. Will the Fed really have a balance sheet of 3.4 trillion?? No wonder the dollar has fallen off a clift.
  2. Won't do anything positive for the economy... just make us look like "3rd-world money printers" to the rest of the world... will damage the worth of the $USD... will reduce the wealth of US citizens, is all.. :mad:

    All of which is OK... so long as the "head up your ass sheeple" vote the Democrat ticket.
  3. So this rumor is true. I see some nonsense on Bloomberg but blah.
  4. The US will eventually collapse on itself. The children who run this country deserve it
  5. Perhaps... but do all of the people who have worked their entire lives... and who have been financially responsible... also "deserve it"? To be bankrupted by a very small minority of greedy politico BASTARDS?? (Much like the girl who "was gang raped by the football team, just because she was 'there'")... does she "deserve" it too?
  6. No they dont. Ive been responsible and ive been spat on. As far as im concerned the idiots who got us here can be sent to some remote part of the world and left to die
  7. frankly I think the market is still running on the Basel relief. Heck we are still within a 4 mth range. The market doesn't need much to run.
  8. This whole system is completely worthless jumping in and buying mortgages in 09 was the worst idea of all time. We destroyed out capital markets and anyway to value anything. The government is now expected to backstop and provide everything for everyone and that is impossible.
  9. Better yet... be fed upon by the Wraith!
  10. toc


    Half of the $11T debt of the US is owned by Fed Reserve Banking system itself and another 2T is owned by institutions, funds and public.

    Soon it will not be an issue of issuing debt but the term will change to printing bills. 'US to print $1T in currency before mid-term elections'.

    Like Donald Trump said yesterday: US has to do something about the trade deficit with China and OPEC. Nearly $500B savings there if applied with right mind. Another $500B can come from defense cuts, other government spending cuts, some tax incentives etc.

    With $1T in savings a year, US can be debt free in 2-3 decades. Wonder how much 'newly printed bills' go towards servicing the debt every month.

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