Whats this!!!! Farmland prices rise faster than some Manhattan and London apartments

Discussion in 'Economics' started by S2007S, Feb 21, 2007.

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    Lots of real estate investors think like you do, many of them buy rentals for the reasons you listed.

    I'll also speculate that Bloomberg/Murray Wise article got the land trend right:D Sound like Rogers is
    right also , but not on junk science global warming.

    Its also a bit like the poem;
    2 men looked out from prison bars,
    one saw mud,
    the other stars

    M y deer lease[hunt rights]paid a reasonable net profit;
    and our TN der herd is not near a big as TX deer herd. However i almost never buy in a high tax[city tax neighbor hood] .

    Rentals may have better ROI, on average,
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  2. Carter didn't have anything to do with it. Paul Volcker trying kill inflation before it swamped our country from the nonsensical spending from the Vietnam war and the Oil Shock is what brought us 18% rates.

    Carter was just a dumb peanut in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I remember going to those Farm Sale BK sales when I was a kid. That was some depressing shit.

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    UInderstand the pronghorns, peacocks, realty & TX talk;
    but you may want to translate all the above DR:cool: .......
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  4. I am referring to the grain embargo , the exchanges closed for 2 days and crashed the markets. Carter really thought the rest of the world would not sell them grain? Reagan realized that and went toe to toe with the sword. Too late, damage done to the American farmer.

    Where did you grow up doc? Me in NW Iowa.... Remember farmers trying to run over bankers with their tractors, and the auctions......
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    Iowa farmland was around $1000/acre in the mid 80s. It was around $3500/acre three years ago. Crop production which can be done by someone else or timber more than covers the cost of taxes.
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  6. Ahh...true. Grain like Oil and cash is fungible.

    Grew up in South Texas between Austin and Houston....Gonzales, Dewitt, Lavaca Counties. Lot's of family in the north in Denton and Rockwall and Wise county.

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  7. There's land all over the farm belt for $500 an acre, and if Farmer Jones tells you differently, you're being hosed.
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    the best play is to buy farmland in fast growing regions and wait for the suburban sprawl.... incredibly sophisticated strategy.
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  10. $500/acre, maybe for a dirt farm. Used to walk beans in the most fertile, productive land in the country. Big differnce in yields if you are paying $500/acre. Lush, well drained black earth, remnants of the bison, that is $3,500/acre. They were animals of the plains and made it what it is today.
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