What's this crap about Obama talking to school kids across the nation Sept. 8th?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Topper, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Well here you go folks... Obama is going to get piped into all the classrooms across America September 8th to talk to your kids! Talk about invasive, and on your tax dollar.


    Don't know about you, but I know my kids wont be in school that day. If he has something to say, he can say it to me.

    Interesting how certain media outlets are currently burying this.

  2. they did it for bush. whats the big deal? dont you think kids could use some encouragement to get an education?
  3. Bet O. don't do this


  4. "they did it for bush" .... huh?

    If there was any gain to it, I'd explain exactly what is wrong with it. But, if it needs explaining, you're too far gone.

    Obama should be sued for campaigning at voting places. What a despicable and entirely transparent act. Just who the fuck does this guy think he is?
  5. I think it is a good idea.

    For the parents who value education, you can always have a dialogue with your kids about what they heard.

    I think Obama's target audience is for the children of parents who really do not value education, maybe get the parents more involved.
  6. It's simple. The adults of the country are finally waking up a seeing what BO is all about. He is hoping the children actually buy his BS, because nobody else is.
  7. The brainwashing has begun.... yikes! This shit is getting scary.

    Then again, I know plenty of fuck faces that voted for this douche. The real problem here is not so much Obama (he is only one man), but the millions of Americans that voted for him, this is the country we live in folks.

    This is why infomercial salesmen make billions.


  8. you need to rethink this.

    We don't elect presidents to parent our children. Especially This President.

    "Obama's target audience" is every elementary classroom in the country.

    This is politicking on the most gross of levels.


    I'm sorry you don't see the obvious.
  9. Apparently President Obama is going to talk to kids about the importance of staying in school. I guess he believes that education is a good thing or something.

    What a radical communist douchebag! :p
  10. The douchebags are all these Glenn Beck clones.
    Drooling morons.
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