What's the Wealthiest State in the U.S.?

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    Umm...its not a state.

    But your still right :D
    Yep we are all suckers
  3. Yeah, trick question. It's a district not a state! :p
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    I've seen a few of these surveys over the years and think they are a bit misleading. While median wage income is high in the DC area due to the large numbers of salaried professionals that work for the government and beltway bandit companies I find it hard to believe that the area is "wealthier" than the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Palm Beach, and Beverly Hills. The people in those areas have never had a "salary" in their lives.
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    it probably depends on how you look at it. If you look at wealthiest towns as avg. income and property values, the #1 town in an article a couple of years ago was on LI. Forget the name of it, between 5 towns and JFK. CT only state to have 3 in the top 10 I think, maybe its them to be wealthiest. But its a moving target, because of the Wall St and real estate crash there, they were all NYC commuter towns. DC wow! Do they avg. in all the zero income people in ghetto? hard to believe Marion Barry, crackhead, was in charge of the wealthiest state/district.
  6. As of 07 Teton County in Wyoming was richest county, that could have changed certainly.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highest-income_places_in_the_United_States
    Rank  	Place  	Per Capita Income Population  	No. of
    1	Jupiter Island, Florida	$200,087	620	285
    2	Baker, Missouri	$182,000	5	2
    3	Rex, North Carolina	$148,073	55	17
    4	Golf, Florida	$144,956	230	119
    5	Hunting Valley, Ohio	$144,281	735	284
    6	Manalapan, Florida	$143,729	321	167
    7	Indian Creek, Florida**	$137,382	33	14
    8	Orchid, Florida	$135,870	140	69
    9	Mockingbird Valley, Kentucky	$134,745	190	74
    10	Gulf Stream, Florida	$133,651	716	340
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    If any of you numbnuts would have bothered to read even the first two paragraphs of the article, you would have noted that Maryland is the wealthiest state, due to federal salaries, etc.

    Make the attempt sometime to get off twitter and read more than 140 words at a time.

    You might even learn something.

    While other states may have far wealthier individuals, the area around D.C., which includes Maryland, is crammed with thousands of federal employees on AVERAGE making very high and stable incomes.

    You may entertain fantasies of a luxurious retirement from trading, but the cubicle-dwelling government slave doing 35 hours a week at a GS 11 or 12 level working 30 years for the man will have you beat, no problem.