Whats the update on Larry Williams?

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  1. Is this true? Did his daughter run away from home when she was 15 to become a movie star because her dad didn't want her in show business? And she had herself legally emancipated from her parents? So they had no say over their 15 year old daughters decisions in life because she disowned her parents with a court order.

    She doesn't sound like she loves her father according to this article.
  2. The trader advised not to go for your dreams? :confused:
  3. I don't think that is exactly what was on his mind when his daughter said she wanted to be a movie star. He was trying to protect hid daughter. Everybody knows that along with fame and fortune comes a price - drugs, porn, sex, bisexuals, heroin abuse, etc....He only was trying to protect his daughter from the evils of hollywood. She was too young to make her own decisions. Fifteen is too young.
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    Your questions and the title of the thread don't match... :(
  5. wow, I never knew she was larry williams daughter. I remember reading in one of his trading books ('Long term trends...") and how he and his daughter made killings. I'm confused now. He wrote it in 1999, but it says they haven't talked for years. In the book he said, "last year, my daughter trader 10,000 to 110,000. At no time did we make a big bet." Seems like they were talking to me.

    Anyways, sucks to see many of my book mentors go down. One more honest approach writer not setting a real life example. Come to think of it, how many trading writers ever even mention taxes?
    IBD -- NOPE. Ironically, about the only writer I ever heard mention tax impact was henry blodget, on how to dissasemble hedge fund returns.

  6. Equating bisexuality with drugs, porn, and heroin abuse ??
    Rosie as well as many other people would refer to you as a bigot.
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    This thread must be a collection of idiots...Well, it is ET after all...

    Hate to break it to you, but the year is 2007 currently.
    Thus if he wrote it in 1999...

    You know what? Nevermind...
  8. larry and michelle have reconciled and have a great father/daughter relationship to the best of my knowledge.

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  9. But did he get everything fixed with the IRS? Does he still owe the IRS 1.5 million? Did he really dupe the IRS out of 1.5 million and not pay them? Did they let him out of Australia or is he still in jail?
  10. Hey, man, he made it all back riding the kiwi.

    And I'm with that other dude. If Michelle wants it both ways, I got no problem with that.


    As the church lady to Ann Heche: "'Bisexual'. That's a cute little word, isn't it? Bisexual is a person who reaches down the front of someone's pants, and they're satisfied with what-e-ver they find!"
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