Whats the Story With this Kirk Cousins?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wildchild, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. wildchild


    All I heard the entire off season was how the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes was on and he was going to make a huge difference.

    Now the 'experts' are saying the Vikings are the best team in the league because of Kirk Cousins.

    The guy is a painfully average quarterback and has never won anything. I just don't get it.
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  2. motif


    Cousins is a big improvement over prior quarterbacks.
  3. Big improvement and team did well with less so i guess the hype is on. best team in the league? Well NFC is kind of in flux right now....
  4. RRY16


    I think they are being picked because of their D and the Rb who was hurt earlier last season is back. Cousins at the most moves the betting line a pt compared to Case Kenum.
  5. wildchild


    I don't know man, this Case Kenum was packing a 98.3 QBR while Kirk Cousins was packing a 93.7.
  6. motif


    Cousins was sacked 41 times last year. Wow.
  7. wildchild


    So far they are a lot worse off than last year!
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  8. wildchild


    The Child nails another one. Everyone said it was a great move, I knew it stunk.


    Kirk Cousins Is More Than An $84 Million Mistake For The Vikings
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  9. FriskyCat


    And now Cousins will be a coach killer too...OC shown the door, if they tank the next three, Head Coach will be out the door.
  10. Overnight


    And he screwed me in my fantasy playoffs. Two weeks in a row of 10 point games in standard scoring? Fucker. Mreh, at least I got 5th place in my 10-team league.
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