What's the smallest PC/device that charts and trades?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by blackchip, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Trying to escape my desk and would prefer something that fits in a front pocket.

    Looking at some sub-notebook PC's, but was wondering if there's anything smaller that can run basic charting (sma, bb, etc.) and trading platforms with 3G broadband access.

    TIA. :D
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  3. Etrade has realtime quotes if you have over a 100k account and a blackberry for their software. Its pretty easy to move money around too.
  4. Why go ultra small and hard to see? Charting and navigating on a Blackberry, or other phone with 3G is a problem with those micro screens. Just get an aircard and use a notebook. In the US, it's relatively cheap and works in most places that aren't too isolated. When you do that, then you can get the best desktop software and use it properly. If you must go hiking in the wilderness, go hiking when the market is closed or close your positions and take off for a couple of weeks.
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    or go somewhere where there is service, then trade in the middle of the wilderness. gives a great feeling of irony.