What's the skinny on Generic trading

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  1. Any opinions? or experiences to share.. Thanks.
  2. I got an offer from there San Francisco office... They seem like a great outfit, but I decided on a different route.

    Generic has been around for a while and is well established.
  3. solid


    where are you looking?
  4. does ronnie shear and Myer offman still run that outfit?
  5. Which route did you take?
  6. This may sound odd, but Generic is a solid Firm. We have always considered them a solid and respected competitor. With WorldCo gone, we are down to 3 or so major firms.

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    Besides Bright, obviously, which other firms?
  8. there are more than 3, no?

    bright, first new york, hold brothers, andover, generic, and ETG.
  9. FNY is not really our competitor....ETG's Mr. Kantor is pretty much retired.

    I have not heard much from Hold for quite a while....but they never really showed up on our radar (maybe good for them, lol).

    I'm just commenting on the firms that are in the multi-billions of shares on the NYSE ....those are who we consider "competitors".....

    This doesn't mean that there aren't other good firms......

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    Kantor retired??

    Is that a sign about the trading industry or did he retire for personal reaons??
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