What's the record high a stock rose in a single day?

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    Does anybody know? Just wondering...
  2. I don't know myself but this site has a lot of historical info regarding the stock market...For example:


    Original Dow Jones Industrial Average (1896)

    American Cotton Oil

    American Sugar

    American Tobacco

    Chicago Gas

    Distilling & Cattle Feeding

    General Electric

    Laclede Gas

    National Lead

    North American

    Tennesee Coal & Iron

    US Leather preferred

    US Rubber

  3. I'm sure some penny stocks have had multiple 1000% gains in a single day (SPEA went from about .50 cents to 12 dollars back in December "04).

    Disregarding those B.S. stocks though, I remember stocks like Books-A-Million going from like 8 bucks to 80 in one day (I'm 99% sure it was the day after Thanksgiving in 1998). I think it closed in the $40's, but it was a massive one day move.

    There were many small internet and biotech companies that went up a few hundred percent back in the day (late 90's).

    Most recently though, Velocity Express (VEXP) went from like 4 dollars to 21 dollars and closed around $14 (That was back in April of this year).
  4. =======

    Accelera.com made the Wall Street Journal in late 1990's,
    pennies to about $170 did much, much better than QCOM that year QCOM did about 2000%

    Numbers /names are approximate.:cool:
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    As far as non-penny stocks, I remember the day in 1998 when EBAY opened about $90 higher after good earnings. My father sold his 500 share position the day before because he didn't want to hold into earnings lol.
  6. the biggest move i remember was broadcast.com i think it was bsct.
    it went up something like 90 in one day and came most of the way back.
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    I wonder if it's luck or you can somehow predict a move like that?

    Thanks for the replies.
  8. no
  9. Some OTC penny stocks see 10,000% gains.

  10. The biggest I remember was some "china" internet stock. It went from 2 to 80 and back to 2 by the end of the day. This was in late 90's.

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