What's the real inflation rate?

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  1. I hate all this anus shit about core CPI and other adjustments. I don't care if it's volitale... just make it a rolling 12 month average or some shit. It's idiotic to exclude food and energy. For some people 100% of their income goes toward food, energy, and housing. And don't even get me started on housing.

    right, nuff with the rant.

    Does anyone know of a site independent of the government which tracks inflation. Cause we all know the governments' figures are doctored anyway.

    True inflation is anywhere from 4 to 6% annually by my guess.
  2. Last year 2x4's at home depot went around $3.80, last week I saw them going for $3. I've noticed a few things cheaper this year than last. I know I don't buy all this rampant inflation.
  3. Kin, hear you loud and clear, what the fed qualifies in it's inflation figures is an absolute joke. I would guess inflation since 2000 at least 5% per annum and the last couple higher due to higher commodity costs. It would be interesting to get a true inflation figure, go tell the average Joe in the street that inflation is under 3% and you'll get laughed at or told off.
  4. John Murphy says that the CRB index is a better measure of inflation than the CPI or PPI...if so, that's a scary figure here as of late.
  5. if you go to the .gov that does cpi you will see the components that make up the index... i dont see whats so funny about the numbers.

    agents go to stores and measure the cost of goods. heating oil is included. crude oil is not because if crude oil affected the cost of production of items it will be reflected in the final cost to consumers.
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    That is too simple, it just cannot be:D
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    this marc faber guy doesn't sound too nice
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    are they going to same stores? or they pick them some how? because(i mentioned this already)-i was buying milk in BJ's. in january 2005 it was 1.56, today-1.85. wawa's milk used to be 1.5, now-2.05. i did not see 2% inflation.it's basic,everyday product. water-used to be 3.6 for case,-now-$5. same store,same products. 8 month difference. i know one store,20 miles away from me,where milk was 1.64, but-it 20 miles away.

    maybe 1M yacht did not rise 30% in price or 52" tv, but food is rising big time.
    i can't understand,how gov. come up with such numbers,while cost of gas rises so quickly. gas prices will and did drive prices of everything up. that why US cpi numbers make me laugh too.