whats the point of trading contests?

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    i assume its just to get the attention of traders to a new exchange product. not to sound ungreatfull but who do they expect to attract offering such small amounts like $1000.

    is there something im missing? are they that successfull attracting attention with the contests? i wouldn't think cme needs to hold such a contest to bring in interested traders.

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    DOH! never mind.....the original email was from cme but re-directs to the firm lind-waldock.....ahhh...now i see the truth grasshoppa........
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    I don't see the truth. What is the truth?
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    Good question & have thought a lot about this;
    several good reasons, including marketing like XOM donates a ''small' $$ amount to saving wild tigers:cool:

    1]Some contests can really make you think;
    M Weinstein winning CBOE contest by turning 100k into 900k was it 3 months] ???Schwager book]:p

    2] Dont know why a profitable scalper would risk the exposure & time ;
    especially since its mostly those scalpers that win[emini]

    3] Entered Eurex-US- ER2 equivelent contest; because after thinking about it for about a week figured i could place well, maybe win
    & with me trading with 60 minute candles... my swingtrading fited it fine [sfomag .com contest] .

    4]Also its a win /win for contest sponsors ;
    they get some trading ideas no doubt

    5]Placed about top 20% in that contest, 30 days if i remember;
    also its more pressure than you think cause you agree they can publish your losses-blow ups & wins if they desire

    6] Also figured many would blow up cause there is pressure to oversize possitions:D ;
    sure enough a high % blew up thier contest ''accounts''

    7] Actually believe but cant prove it so could be wrong;
    a winner could get some doors opened;
    & if they continue to trade ''contest position size,'' risk more bowUPS, but that s speculation

    7.77]Plus its like helpful papertrading , but lacks the permanance-reliability of paper trading ,a contract one is intersted in.

    ER9 you must be a scalper????;
    becuase a intraday swing trader/eod swing-position trader can manage multiple contracts/markets/contest rather simply.

    Hope this wisdom helps ;
    it helped me.
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    Keep reading;
    somewhwre between tigers & turtles, your eyes may be opened:cool:
  6. They try to sell you services and steal your trade methods! :)

    ....and PFG, stop calling me and telling me there is dual account capability now for the marketczar competitions - I am not playing. :D
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    Then I'm not joining. :D
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    ''Steal your methods'' ??? if you enter their contest;
    that is understood you give up your privacy[part of your system]

    That was thre main thing i thought about for a week;
    dercided to enter because;
    1]trading is mostly emotional discipline, not ''secrets'' like 50dma

    2] You either believe Rich Dennis or you dont , you could put the turtle rules on the Wall Street Journal & most would goof them up.

    Actually I agree with that;
    & the turtle rules have been published:p :cool:

    Hope this helps;
    it helped me
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    :) :)

    the above event appears to be nothing more than a way to drum up a few accounts for the sponsoring firm, at a quick glance. be nice to see 100k event come down the pipe to get some friendly competition going....sort of like a small tournament over a longer period....say 1 month :)
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    Another contest for FX is at

    They trade real money for a month and then post the trades used in the contest.

    I thought it was interesting to see how the winners each month were making their money.

    they had another contest at

    By clicking on the 'trade activity' link you can see every trade of the past month.

    It is interesting to see different trading approaches over the same time period.

    Robbins has a contest a year long but charge way too much for each trade.


    Good luck!
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