Whats the point of nasdaq or nyse by buying the LSE?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. I was wondering whats the point of the nasdaq or nyse of buying the lse? Wouldnt it be more prudent of them of just expanding their us operations. Rather then going throught the whole european regulatory thing. I would rather see nasdaq expand into options, or maybe extend hours.
  2. Alot of the tsx high volumne stocks only trade a few hundread thousand shares. I dont know why they would want to add another competitor.
  3. Ya, a bunch of bureaucrats got the entrepreneurial bug. It says that members can save 50-75% off their fees, but isn't this more indicative of the technology and times we live in than the viability of a business targeted as being thrifty. Is it trying to be liquidnet? At least they have a viable strategy, and a presence in Canada.


    More MONEY!
  5. earlier action, instead of opening the NYSE 2 hours earlier, they capture that volume by buying the LSE.
  6. Typical actions of a corportion. Grow the top line as much as possible. Drive stock price up as fast as possible so insiders can get rich asap. Who cares if it make sense? Making sense to a corporation is based only on much the stock price goes up.