What's the Point of ET?

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  1. Has ET devolved into a viper pit of nothingness and useless personal pettiness? Whatever happened to the denotation of the moniker: Elite Trader? With a name like that, I would expect this place to be jumping with, well, a bunch of "Elite" Traders.

    It seems to me that this forum has been taken over by the absurdly useless individual who gets-off on Trolling & Trashing (TNT). So, they Troll there way into a thread and then Trash it to death. That's like trolling your way into place and then setting off an explosive device. It is destructive to the very nature of WHY Trading Forums are supposed to exist.

    You see this kind of TNT behavior, all over the net, not only here on ET. Some of these places have Resident Trolls. I mean, my goodness! They are lock Resident Roaches, once you get them, you can't seem to get rid of them, no matter how much bug killer you spray. I'm not going to name any names, but all you have to do is run a search and look at the posts of some of these people and you can see the destructive nature with which they walk into a thread with. Many of them seem to have had no desire whatsoever, to actually participate constructively in the thread, from the very first post they make! And, these Resident Trolls, do this time, and time and time again, and they NEVER seem to get banned for doing it.

    And, that's another issue as well - where the heck is the Moderation of Trolls and their obvious TNT behavior?

    Traders: If you want your forums back, if you want to be able to get to a place online where you can explore new ideas, thoughts, concepts and positive energy, if you want to - dare I say it - possibly learn something that might help you become a better trader, if you want a a more professional demeanor and atmosphere around here, then you are going to have to DEMAND that your Moderators start cleaning house and getting rid of the trash that shows up in the form of Resident Trolls who spew TNT behavior, no matter what thread they happen to infest.

    Is it possible, to get ET back to a level of respectability and genuine curious thought about the world of Trading, or will the Resident Trolls forever be in control of the Microphone and the Floor? Until you clean-house and get those people out of here, this place will continue to slowly burn to the ground, as are MANY online Trading Forums are in 2011.

    I remember back in 1993/1997, people used to do this using News Groups, Email, or Yahoo. As the bandwidth increased from 28.8k, to 56k, up through to the high-speed connections that we take for granted today, HTML and PHP based Trading Forums began to come online rapidly and it was good initially. People were genuinely curious, eager to learn, eager to contribute and did so with a positive attitude towards learning and sharing. For almost a year, I personally maintained an email list of people who were following some of my early work, until the Web based forum took over and made it much more easy to communicate with the people interested in my research back then. There was a lot less cynicism back then and people left their personal hang-ups "Off-Line."

    Today, people think nothing of their personal attacks online. They think nothing of trashing a thread and they have no regard for the topic of the thread - they're just out to Troll & Trash. When I was online initially, especially in News Groups regarding Trading, or Email Lists, people communicated with intelligence, tact and respect. Today's online Trading Forums, seem to overcrowded with a bunch of arrogance and ego, combined with no ideas at all about why such forums exist in the first place. Where did the Trading Community go wrong? When did it lose its focus?

    If you are going to have genuine progress, where new frontiers are discovered and mapped, then communication is critical and you cannot have or foster that level of communication with massive doses of juvenile behavior being allowed to run unmitigated and unchecked.

    Creativity, discovery, progress, forward motion, innovation and new ideas, will not come from a snake pit. Think about THAT as the 95% have somehow remain the 95%, for all these years, since widespread online trading began.

    Foster forward progress by not tolerating antisocial, regressive behavior. It is just that simple, folks. You will get what you contemplate the most. If you are constantly reading, contemplating, allowing, dealing with and tolerating rude, arrogant, abusive, off-topic, condescending, mean spirited, childish, petty, useless, regressive and pedantic behavior; then expect results on that level.

    However, if you foster intelligent, substantive, on-topic, creative, high-energy, positive minded adult behavior; then expect results to be likewise, on that same level.

    Word to the wise, and to those seeking long-term profitability in their respective trading businesses.
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    The point of ET is to relieve boredom and for the website owners to make a few bucks from ad clicks and sponsors.
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    What's this got to do with the Forex Trading forum?
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    Here is one of em...

    <img src=http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=3199693>
  5. Yes there are trolls .. but there are also very annoying “traders” with obviously losing strategies, passing themselves off as winners here. Quite lame & pathetic. Needs a clean out.
  6. The main purpose for ET's existence is the Jokes Thread.

    After that it is a superb resource for idiots telling seasoned traders what doesn't work. I never realized before reading ET that trading is impossible and nothing works: the reasoning or total lack of it can be very entertaining.

    Then there's here's the complete opposite so I mustn't forget the infamous Hershey. He can make more money in an afternoon than the national deficit and is desperate for the world to take him at his word. Only problem for JH is he has never done what he claims.

    When he passes on to the other side I'll explain why every volume trader knows JH is full of it. If I explain now he'll only correct it so I'll let him continue making a fool of himself.

    It's a real pity ET is slipping so badly. The only upside for ET is that the competition can't come up with something so easy to navigate. When someone catches on it might spell the end for ET. Until then let's enjoy each others company in the exemplary manner we are all accustomed to.
  7. ET jumped the shark some years ago.

    (For non-English members:

    "The usage of "jump the shark" has subsequently broadened beyond television, indicating the moment in its evolution when a brand, design, or creative effort moves beyond the essential qualities that initially defined its success, beyond relevance or recovery" - Wikipedia)
  8. At another forum the members are rated with points (or penalized with infractions) although that might require complete change in the ET forum engine.
  9. The purpose is to fight and argue , to kill boredom whilst trading.

    I find it useful for seeing different view points of some intelligent posters here.
  10. As someone who thinks daytrading is impossible, you should have zero boredom as you SHOULD be spending all free time honing an edge :)

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