Whats the point of cutting rates

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  1. It allows the banks to refinance (same banks that in a large part caused the 'subprime' crisis)
  2. Are you saying the Fed is doing all this rate slashing just to help the banks, not the American people?
  3. ..oh by the way futures in Asia are WAY down...

    I think you'll see a very bad day over there in the USA.

    Was George Bush really surprised that gas was expensive?

    On the news down here, he looked like an ape that saw fire for the first time

    I think you yanks have a sense of humour for voting for him TWICE!

    Funny lot you are
  4. Hello... where have you been? :p

  5. Oz has its own set of troubles...

    we sent them to you...
  6. Our banking sector is down 33%

    Our heavily geared listed property sector is down around 85% on average.

    Our specialist finance companies will file for bankruptcy soon

    The only thing I'm invested in down here is AWB:AX
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    The function of the Fed is to assure banking profits. By not passing on the lower interest rates banks improve their spread and thus profit margins. This happens every time in every market. If Bernanke is such an academic buffoon that he did not know this there is no hope. I would rather believe that he knows exactly what he is doing than the alternative.

    Auto, Home Buys `Won't Happen' as Rates Don't Budge (Update1)

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    Stopped myself out of what would have been some nice shorts on the CNBC/Public rate cut mania. It is important not to underestimate just how stupid the public are. Decided after that to confine my shorting to puts, but unfortunately Oz puts are not quoted far out enough.
  9. I think there may be an Australian ETF somewhere. If there is one I would short or buy puts extending out to 09. Definately.

    Also the AUD$ is an over-valued abortion of a currency. I would buy FXA puts out to 09.

    The Australian markets have a lot further to fall IMHO.
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