What's the P/E of the S&P 500?

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    earnings are being slashed all around due to high energy and economic weakness so PE models are going to be revised anyways--not a good way to model the future
  2. http://www2.standardandpoors.com/spf/xls/index/SP500EPSEST.XLS

    Look at the "12 month values" worksheet. 2008 estimate at 77, or inc writedowns/etc 59.

    Whats most interesting is the dividend base. 30 is the dividend. Over 3% dividend at this point. Compared to the bottom of the last bear market where S&P was 800, the dividend was only 16 or so.
  3. I don't want to model the future. I want to know the current P/E.
  4. True, but the last bear market had extremely high valuations. By historical standards, the S&P was never a real bargain.

    Fundamentally, this is a better long-term buy-in point, though it's still not like 1982.

  5. Good Question:

    they have it at 22.5 on S&P500 website.


    I think it has to do with their methodology,
    if you use operating 12ttm EPS
    then 984.94/(sum of the most recent 4 qrts bottom up earnings), you get 12.83, (and 11.63 forward operating earnings) closer to the other charts. The 12.83 seems more based on trailing reality
    (not including special adjustment stuff).

    yahoo has SPY p/e @ 13.6, the ETF and actual index numbers should track closely.
    Once again measuring closer to reality.
    Although I would expect the ETF to be slightly higher due to fees.
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