What's the most you have won with a lottery?

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  1. What's the most you have won with a lottery?

    I won $115 with 4 numbers out of 6 on a 6/49. Payoff for 6/49's:

    • 6/6 top prize $5,000,000+
    • 5 plus bonus about $100,000
    • 5/6 about $1,000
    • 4/6 about $100
    • 3/6 $10
  2. Robert Morse

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    5/6 about $1400
  3. destriero


    4/6 multiples and 5/6 twice from a school project at New Trier. Was like $4,000 from an initial $500.
  4. wartrace


    Years ago when I was stupid enough to "play" the lottery I won 1000 dollars. I now realize I wasn't "playing" ; I was paying a stupid tax.
  5. The most I've ever won from the lottery is a grand total of ten bucks. :(
  6. LacesOut


    I hit the jackpot playing holdem several times. I consider that somewhat of a lottery.
  7. Not nearly enough.
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  8. heypa


    The question really should be "How much have you gotten back on one ticket?.
  9. 500 bucks on a ten dollar scratch off. I think like 7 bucks on a Powerball. Don't play at all anymore, like 5 years now. Never played that much to begin with. When actually gambling I prefer craps, mostly just for all of the characters you see at a hot table, and by some stroke of luck I've been able to stay slightly ahead of that game. Lunch money ahead, literally, but it's fun.
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