What's The Most Robust/Reliable Data Provider...Streaming RT & Historical

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  1. Please help me with this decision. Their seems to be alot of pros and cons for each. I will be using this in Wealth Lab3 with Interactive Brokers.

  2. 89 views and not one response.

    Still trying to obtain some insight for a decision that I need to make shortly.

    Thank you in advance for your input. :(
  3. eSignal.

    IB feed is good for streaming.

    WLD3 is still not robust for realtime charting.
  4. eSignal real time has proven very reliable for me and for many others so far.

    Their historical database doesn't go that far though. If you want more history you should try TradeStation.
  5. myTrack is also very very reliable.
    I would say > 99%.
    However, the user interface is very basic.
  6. eSignal is absolute king. Has kicked the crap out of TradeStation long ago. I cancelled my TS months ago now.

    Is also the most reliable datafeed in the world and has been so for over 10 years now.

    Also has the most useful charting package, the charts are scalable etc, you can get anything in .efs, it's awesome, and the trading system language is awesome, too - if you like coding. And of course the service is excellent, which does count.

  7. mmillar


    eSignal is the best real-time product.

    But if you need backtesting or historical data then TradeStation rules the roost.
  8. CQG, by far the best and most reliable datafeed. That's what the pros use.
  9. Ah yeah? Well I'm a 'pro' ES trader and I don't use CQG. I'll be getting an exchange seat soon and I'll still not be using CQG.
    I know of another pro who's got 2 seats with CME, he does even much bigger size, and he only uses eSignal.

    I've never had a single data problem in over 2 years of eSignal. If you run TS, or IQFeed, it'll be more like 2 days.
    I can't complain, but if you can give me a few good reasons for using CQG, I'll be happy to hear them and consider changing for the better option.

    Cheers, Scientist.
  10. CQG is 540$ a monthe plus other charges
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