Wha'ts the maximum size you can day trade?

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  1. What is the maximum size ine can day trade? And in which markets?

    I do day trade one stock but I can't go bigger than $150,000.

    So I need to step up. Futures? Which ones?
  2. obviously max size is a function of avg daily volume. If you want to know how much you'll affect the given market, I've found something to be quite helpful

    Movement = SizeShares * (Average Daily Range) / Average Daily Volume

    you should be able to adjust from there
  3. Are you consistently successful in your current level of trading?

  4. Why not scale your liquidity levels on equities up?
  5. ^^ thanks..not sure I fully understand this ^^

    For example what is the maximum size you can trade on the Eminis?

    Crude Oil?


    Thank you
  6. Because I have found I can do really well with 1,000 shares.

    so even on Google the maximum would be $500,000 +/-

    What I would like to do is to get in seven figures day trading....possible? Which markets? And what is the maximum?

    Yes..I am successful but I want more...

    Thank you
  7. You can daytrade thousands on the ES if your account is large enough.
  8. Trade ES or NQ

  9. bespoke


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  10. OK but I was told by a ES trader the maximum size he can trade with good liquidity is 100 contracts? Is this right?

    I guess there has to be balance where your size starts affecting your % returns. You have to find where this is.

    Are there any day trading hedge funds? What size do they trade and what markets?
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