What's the main thing single women 35+ want out of life?

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  1. Are they looking for a man they can settle with? Is this because they want to make babies?

    Or are they looking for the easiest path to becoming rich?

    Is sleeping with good-looking 18-24 year olds the greatest pleasure they can get out of life?
  2. What all women want. Somebody to be their Daddy.
  3. BSAM


    This is a really easy one.

    Step 1: They want to be your baby. (Like trading, this is called a setup.):)

    Step 2: They want to be the bitch. (Like trading, this is called uncertainty or fear.):confused:

    Step 3: They want your money. All your money. (Yes, like trading. However, you should have let your stop get hit shortly after step 1. Too bad sucker.):mad:

    Step 4: Noooow you know when to take your stop. (Yes--hopefully--just like in trading.):eek:
  4. vacations time.
  5. I would expect them to be somewhat different from women (younger than 30) who are supposedly new to life, and constantly daydream of becoming some superstar, not realizing that the probability is less than winning the lottery.

    I would expect a single women over the age of 35 to look back at life and say ok this is what men are, it's not like I or anyone else will be able to change them, why would men my age want me? unless they are ugly and poor, any decent man my age would either be married by now or would be fucking and dumping 20 year olds, I being the western women I am, have attitude issues mainly because I have been fucked and dumped several times, so why would anyone want to bear my shit bitch attitude? Since it's not like I'm going to find any decent man, and there is no luck of becoming a superstar, why not enjoy the next few years of life, before I become a walking trash, enjoy it by fucking and dumping young guys, at least this way when I get old I won't have to regret having clung on to old wrinkled cocks, to see them treat me shittier than a younger cock would have, all because of my desperation to find the right guy that I dumped when I was way younger, thinking that I could find something better.
  6. What's the main thing single women 35+ want out of life?

    Answer: to lock in an income stream for retirement. Frequently that is marrying a rich guy for spousal or child support.

    Unfortunately society follows the wealthy. How do people become wealthy? Usually by stealing it. So society accidentally trains women to steal from men and enslave them. So a minority of extreme bitches fake their way through life by enslaving men into income streams. That's the top of the global hierarchy. Stupid female thieves.
  7. Unless you can get your bluff in on them and make them work as hard as you do.

    Unfortunately, if she sees you as a high income earner you are automatically in trouble and in jeopardy of eventually losing 1/2 of net worth, if not more. Marriage is risky business.
  8. well too bad for the fucking stupid man who can't see this and falls for it, he deserves it, let him suffer till he grows old wasting his pathetic useless life on a women who has no respect or understanding towards him (women don't understand because they can't, they lack the ability to do so).

    I can't believe a wealthy man would get married in this day and age, the western society has taken all authority from men and given it to the government, now everyone is equal, equally worthless, under the government, your wife belongs not to you but the government, your kids belong not to you but the government, for the government can take both of them away from you at will

    you have more authority as a company manager than as a husband, so why the fuck get married if you have money, run your own business, hire, fire and fuck the women you want at will, they will respect you because you are their boss, they can't betray you, because they need you

    please americans, stop being so naive and stupid, there is no such thing as good in men, 99.9% of humans are no better than animals if not worse
  9. Unfortunately a few women used the blowjob/kill off the competition technique to take over most of what you call "government". Now it's just a propaganda of stupidity as they kill off anyone who isn't stupid.

  10. A stiff 18 year old cock that can shoot loads as fast as a glock pistol and reload just as fast.
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