Whats the main difference between FX futures and FX?

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    You might not want to post or promote signals in reply to a post about signal scammers. Just a suggestion.

    By the way, I may have understated the value of fxstreet.com to de Wet's scam. He was a featured commentator on that site (an expert, I suppose), not merely or only an advertiser, according to this post on Moneytec on August 2, 2005:

    “I have taken a moment and wrote to FX streat [sic] where he is still posting daily commentary and marketing his hedge fund pointing out in light of blatant fraud and tremendous losses in violation of agreed upon risk parameters I do not feel he should be featured on their frontpage. I suggest you take a few seconds and send them a quick email if you so desire.”
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  2. I have no idea what ur saying...
    These are my levels
    forex 4 Major currencies
    I mean eur cable Yen and swiss..
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    This thread had been completely quiet for three months until my update today on a signals & trading scam that had been one topic of the thread earlier. You posted your signals here right after my update. That's why I suggested that your post might be poorly timed or poorly placed. No offense intended.
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    Yes, agreed. I realize this proposition was posted some time ago, but I just now gathered its meaning. Slow on the uptake.
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