Whats the main difference between FX futures and FX?

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  2. I don't understand the problem with paying the spread, can you explain? Why is it preferred to pay commissions?
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  3. Chood, I think xip was referring to my post, so maybe xip can answer this question for me.

    Lets say your 4X broker shags you silly on a certain order. What are you going to do? Call the CFTC? And what are they going to do? Its not like every transaction is recorded in some central exchange's Time&Sales data, and of course we also have the concept of "dealable quotes" (did I already mention I lurve that term?).

    No system is perfect - but you have to ask yourself which is the lesser of the two evils...

    But hey, this is a forum for opinions, exchange of ideas, and above all comic relief :D

    So if many are happy and profitable with SpotFX, who am I to argue.

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    Again, the typical small trader starting to trade the futures on the CME is doomed automatically. The large size will wipe out his account before he has a chance to learn anything. That if anything is a scam on an extremely large scale.

    Again, IB works like an exchange, like the CME, but allows smaller size and generally lower costs.

    I often compare Oanda's spreads to several other data feeds and have no complaints with executions. If there were any of the problems that you claim happen by default at every spot FX broker, I would leave immediately.
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  5. I don't claim anything, except contingent claims on FX! :D

    Besides, if learning was the issue, why not open a demo account at Oanda, or a real account and trade $1 at a time?!?

    Then when you are ready to commit serious cashola you can forego the shenanigans of bucketshops.

    Good lurk!
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  6. Could it be that they don't trade forex because they can't find any company named FOREX in the list?

    Caution: reply is not intentionally satirical.
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    I like more fx fures that the spot forex.

    As a TA trader in the spot fx there is not a official high low prices every software vendor has it daily h/l/o/c prices , futures are great if you are a TA trader
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    did u do math at school?
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    & risk $2!!!

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    Attention to hip

    You wrote ... Spread generaly tighter at Oanda as by

    1. Operator can not win spread by Oanda ,but skilled
    can win by CME / or by SPOT hotspotfx/

    2. Independent from spread ,quote can
    be not equal to "true interbank"

    With specific algoritm clients of oanda
    can receive small spread ,which vibrate
    with some small amplitude ,which is enough
    to cross SL by some of clients groups.

    If true interbank spread by hotspotfx for eur/usd
    some time 1 pip ,some 2 pip Oanda as company with
    profit objective can not give each time warranted 1.2-
    1.5 ,without some kind of accumulation,quoute
    modification &
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