Whats the main difference between FX futures and FX?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by c_323_h, Jul 7, 2005.

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    Just curious. Since you keep ignoring my arguments, are you working for the CME or have some other vested interests in the CME futures?
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  2. No, we just think intraday FX trading with spot retail shop is problematic, and not wise. This is an education thread for beginners like you.
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    Don't lie, IB has excellent spreads.

    Regarding Oanda, see above.
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  4. Ok, then why ppl around this board say Oanda, Oanda?
    Smaller spread? but no limit order there, correct?
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    If you want limit orders, you can use Idealpro to get a lower minimum size, smaller commissions, and generally tighter spreads than at the CME.

    If you are a small and new trader, you should start with smaller size at for example Oanda.
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  6. So, in your opinion, IB IDEAL is sperior choice to CME GLOBEX-FX?

    Ok, we will reserach on that and evaluate if there is something you don't recognize.

    Currently, at least, I suppose IB FXspot quote is not trustworthy which means there must be some opportunity for IB to make money against the customer.
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  7. Plus, IB TWS sucked.
    What kind of FX traders uses the platform/system that does not up 24hours.
    The IB server has some maintenance hours depending on US/EU/Asian server. Hey Forex is 24hours. wake up.
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    You are correct that IB is not open 24 h, like Oanda, which is irritating (Are you listening, IB?). Note that idealpro has commissions, like the CME, and IB makes money from that.
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  9. Then the narrow spread offered by IB is as a matter of course.
    How many pips? and How much is the commision?

    Globex EuroFX is usually 1pips.

    Are you sure IB IDEAL is cheaper to trade??
    and is it worthy to trust their quote and server down upon the cost??

    Just doesn't make sense.
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  10. Maybe I've got this wrong, but isn't there a tax advantage with trading the futures verses spot?

    Like I said, I may have this very wrong....
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